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The GCC Insider is the newsletter of the GAIN Coordinating Center, featuring the latest information about GAIN-related developments and articles of interest for every level of GAIN user. To view an issue, please select from the links:

  • GCC Insider, Volume 3 Number 2 (June 2013)
    Using the GAIN and A-CRA at the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre in Ontario
    GCC by the numbers, June 2013
    GAIN certification available via GAIN ABS
    Clinical implications of recent experience in a controlled environment on clients presenting for treatment
    News brief: The ACA's effect on substance abuse treatment
  • GCC Insider, Volume 2 Number 5 (December 2012)
    An innovative adolescent treatment program at Burrell Behavioral Health
    New GAIN-I and GAIN-M90 Walkthrough released
    GAIN Local Clinical Training available via distance learning
    GAIN Q&A
    New Regional and National Trainer support site
    GAIN publication spotlight
    GCC training calendar
    GCC by the numbers, December 2012
  • GCC Insider, Volume 2 Number 4 (October 2012)
    Using the GAIN data set for evaluation and research
    GCC Training Calendar
    The French GAIN Project in Québec, Canada
    GCC by the numbers, October 2012
    Online GAIN Site Training courses now available
    Clinical Applications of the GAIN-M90 ICP and ICP Score Tracker
  • GCC Insider, Volume 2 Number 3 (June 2012)
    GCC introduces GAIN Program Management and Evaluator Training
    GCC training calendar
    Spanish-language VGNI-M90 now available in GAIN ABS
    GAIN Q&A
    GAIN publication spotlights
    GCC by the numbers, June 2012
  • GCC Insider, Volume 2 Number 2 (April 2012)
    GAIN-Q3 released
    GAIN-SS Web now available
    The Expanded GAIN-I Norms and Psychometric Tables
    GCC by the numbers, April 2012
    GAIN publication spotlight
    GCC training calendar
  • GCC Insider, Volume 2 Number 1 (February 2012) goes live
    GAIN Q & A
    GCC by the numbers, February 2012
    Recent GAIN publications and dissertations
    GAIN Publication spotlight
    GCC Training Calendar
    Designer and synthetic drugs: A brief explanation of terms

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