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GAIN Data Management

GAIN Data Management

The GAIN Coordinating Center (GCC) offers GAIN Data Management services, which are essential to successful
long-term implementation of the GAIN.

Each month, our Data Management Team will pull your various GAIN data located in GAIN ABS and review it for anomalies. Feedback, also known as GAIN Edits, will be provided to your site. A member of the Data Management Team will work with an individual at your agency to ensure you have the most accurate data set possible. On a quarterly basis, the Data Management Team will create and distribute analytic SPSS data files with additional variables, scales, and indices created and labeled for use by site evaluators and any approved cross-site collaborations. 

Once your site has at least 20 GAIN intake assessments (GAIN-I or GAIN-Q3) in GAIN ABS, the Data Management Team will generate a Characteristics and Outcomes Site Profile report. This report includes tables and charts displaying demographic characteristics, substance use patterns, lifetime severity, psychiatric comorbidity, crime, HIV risk behaviors, and treatment data. The charts can be tailored for use by sites, generating figures for one site or comparing figures between sites, and can be combined into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Site Profile reports can be an effective tool for analyzing your program's strengths and weaknesses and can help secure additional program funding. To learn more about these reports, please review the Site Profiles Guide and the Characteristics and Outcomes Site Profile Demo for the GAIN-I and GAIN-Q3.

Sites may also wish to set up a GAIN Evaluation Coaching Call. During these calls, a GCC staff member will help you navigate your Site Profile report and obtain a better understanding of how to get the most out of your data. Managers, evaluators, and clinicians are encouraged to attend these calls together to learn how they can work collectively to maximize the use of GAIN data at their agency.

For more information on GAIN Data Management Services, please see our Data Management FAQs or contact the GAIN Project Coordination Team.