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GAIN by the Numbers

GAIN by the Numbers

Details on current GAIN users:

CSAT grantees: 290
Federal programs using the GAIN: 14
Statewide or regional systems using the GAIN: 28
States/Provinces using the GAIN: 53
Countries where the GAIN is used: 6 (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, South Africa, U.S.)
Licensed GAIN administrative units: 2,502
GAIN-related publications: 204 (including 147 using CSAT data and 30 using NIDA data)
GAIN Short Screener publications: 30
GAIN Quick publications: 15
N in CSAT pooled data set: 29,782 (88% with 1+ follow-up)
N in expanded GAIN norms data set: 58,624

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Details on GAIN ABS users (April - June 2014):

GAIN ABS agency accounts: 923
GAIN ABS user accounts: 11,107
Records in GAIN ABS: 439,049
Records added April - June 2014: 30,708

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Details on trainees (as of September 15, 2014):

Certified GAIN National Trainers: 50
Certified GAIN Local Trainers (Level 3): 1,314
Certified GAIN Administrators (Level 2): 2,102
Certified GAIN Site Interviewers: 2,409
Certified GAIN-I Lite Local Trainers: 6
Certified GAIN-I Lite Administrators: 52
Certifeid GAIN-I Lite Site Interviewers: 21
Certified GAIN Quick Local Trainers: 38
Certified GAIN Quick Administrators: 248
Certified GAIN Quick Site Interviewers: 239
Certified GAIN Q3 Local Trainers: 42
Certified GAIN Q3 Administrators: 144
Certified GAIN Q3 Site Interviewers: 71
Certified GAIN Coursework Trainees (Level 1): 2,886
Certified GAIN Quick Coursework Trainees (Level 1): 312
Certified GAIN Q3 Coursework Trainees (Level 1): 194

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